College: Hmmmm…

Well, I finally made it to St. Stephen’s College.

YEAH !!! YEAH!!!!

See for the past month or so, I have been sitting with my legs stretched on the bed and reading obscure stuff. Today I finally thought of doing something that I usually do engage in normal “human” conversations but is going to be tried for the first time on this blog. Diverting from the general trend of being politically correct and engaging in intellectual thoughts and pseudo-philosophical ideologues, its time now to be humorous and sarcastic.

Firstly, college is not the great place that people make it out to be. Atleast not for science students. In the most obtuse ways of Indian living and Indian education, science education is made tough not because science warrants such an approach but to respect the catharatic way of thinking of even more obtuse people of the Indian populace.

Secondly, seniors are not gods. They ARE GODS. Disrespect is like defiling an idol in a temple and if you do actually commit such a sacrilegious crime you WILL BE PUNISHED.

But by far the most obvious observation about Stephens is the almost unfailing propensity of a set of people to find their kith and kin in every nook and cranny, crevice and edifice and reduce the introduction session to an almost obnoxious plethora of questions and answers revolving around the same topic: God’s own coconuts

It does have its fair share of advantages as well. You can be friends with one of their kin and IO and behold you are friends with a whole bunch of people. And college without friends is well…..

Changing directions, for any college student the most memorable day is usually well the first day. Mine was but for entirely different reasons. See the earlier day before the fresher’s lunch, the Principal had given a very emphatic speech(of sorts) and told us that people are always jealous of uniqueness and that this institution valued uniqueness. That sentiment was felt no strongly than by me on the first day of college. Scampering and galloping down the roads of Delhi University isnt usually people start their college lives, but so much for me and my dramatic entrances. Then the usual process and grind of classes and professors telling us that science is tough and……

Being late for college. Now thats something new. You see St Stephen’s College has a tradition of holding an assembly for first year Junior Members (yes, thats what we are termed as, fucchas is so Rest of DU).

So here went my first account of life at St Stephen’s College. There will certainly be many more .

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