At Times…..

At times when we are running the trees and the others things- living or otherwise seem to run away from us. At those times we are free and nothing seems to stop us. Freedom. But the fact is that we never seem to stop and ponder over the things that we have just missed. At those times I feel that we truly miss our freedom. The freedom to wait, the freedom to look, the freedom to ponder and wonder, the freedom to be a part of the world.

At times when we go towards a bird, seldom to hurt and often to wonder, it runs away. That bird is the biggest judge, the judge of us all. Why? Because it tells us how hollow we are, how cruel we are, how worthless we actually are, how free we actually are ?

At times when you pluck a flower, you leave the stem behind. The flower cries and wails. We have separated it from its lover. We try fruitlessly to beautify other things with that flower. The flower tells us how greedy we are, how selfish we actually are.

At times the best thing is to let go..

At times the best thing is to leave it alone…

At times the thing to do is to do nothing….

Seldom is it the right thing to pluck a flower or run amok or to catch a bird. Oft it is the right thing to enjoy nature as it is.

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