Why man cut the tree?

The tree was first a sapling in the beginning like we all are, a baby, helpless without protection.

There through the corner of its eye, it saw the baby; it heard the sound of his crying he thought. Why does the baby cry he asked?

Years go by. Both the tree and the baby grow together. After the initial curiosity of the sapling, he matured and became a tree. That’s what the boy’s mother and the boy called him. The boy had leaves, roots and eyes. The tree had arms and legs but were were his eyes?

He didn’t need any?Why? He heard. Yes he heard. He heard the birds, the ruffling of his own leaves .

As the years went by, the tree grew stronger and its arms grew longer, its legs became longer. But what of the boy. He grew old and weak. Why thought the tree?

Why?Why Indeed?

The baby walks out this time on three legs. With small steps on the earth, he makes his way to the tree. Its autumn for both of them

The baby has lost something. He is sad. The tree has lost many. Except one.

It too is in the autumn of its life. Its the last leaf on the tree. The baby looks up and sees it fall on the ground.  The tree looks at it falling, almost with desire. And then it falls.

The baby asks the tree “Aren’t you sad?” “No” replies the tree.

Its winter for both of them. The baby now slower than ever, walks over to the tree once again. Asks him, “I have nothing left. Love has left me. Life has left me.” “It has left us both”, replied the tree.

“Aren’t you sad?”


“But why not?”

“Because, they never leave me. They always come back”

Spring comes. Both the baby and the tree lie together on the earth.

That’s why man cut the tree.

Why you ask? That’s for you to decide

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